Answer Key (Unofficial) of Class XII Board Exam of English Core CBSE, Held on 27.02.2020


Answer Key: This is an unofficial answer key of class XII board examination of English core which was held on 27th February, 2020. Every care has been taken to provide correct answers to the students who appeared in the exam.


Answers 1.1 (Answer Key)

  1. Chennai
  2. National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation
  3. To carry the harvested organ in shortest possible time.
  4. The cost is prohibitive
  5. They don’t have well-trained experts
  6. Four


(a) Green corridor is a route cleared and cordoned off by the traffic police to ensure the smooth and steady transportation of harvested organs.

(b) It is necessary to save those people who are awaiting a life-saving transplant.

(c) Having accomplished their task of enabling an ambulance to reach its destination within 11 minutes, Chennai Police have proved that anything can be done if planned and executed. Theh got much applause for this from all and sundry.

(d) ‘Few golden hours’ refers to crucial time required wherein the required organ can be transported to the needy person.

(e) Heart transplant costs around 15-20 lakh which is also followed up by post-operative medication of about Rs. 30,000 per month lifelong.


(a) Save : Preserve

(b) Achieved/Carried Out : Accomplished

Section C Answer key

Answer Key
Answer Key

Question 7

(i) Her husband

(ii) Chivalry, Bravery, Freedom and fearlessness.

(iii) She has failed in her aim of living freely due to her marriage.

(iv) The poetic devics used is ‘Pun’

Question 7 (Part B)

(i) She is Sophie. He is Danny Casey

(ii) She doubted the he would not come because she had never met Danny Casey in person. She had only seen him in a footbal match.

(iii) She realised that Danny Casey would not come when it started getting dark after spending a lot of time there uselessly.

(iv) Doubt.

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