Answer Key of 15 common questions of English, 60 Questions of PGT (English) & 20 Questions of General Maths and Reasoning from HTET 2017 Exam conducted by HBSE


HTET 2017 PGT level is being considered the toughest exam of this year conducted so far. But Brainylads always being ahead in the race presents you the answers of 15 common questions of English put up in the exam followed by 60 questions of PGT English  and 20 common questions of Maths and Reasoning asked by HBSE in HTET exam conducted on 23rd December, 2017. We are trying our level best to get in touch with experts for the solutions of other questions of psychology and Hindi.

Given below are the answers of Set: C (Unofficial Answer Key)

Ans46. Unpunctual

Ans47. Many

Ans48. New houses have been built

Ans49. To know the techniques or ways of doing a job

Ans50. Father asked me to allow the child to play.

Ans51. Past Participle

Ans52. He was crowned king

Ans53. Adopt

Ans54. Extinguish

Ans55. Has been working

Ans56. The, a

Ans57. Adverb clause of time

Ans58. Significant

Ans59. Honorary

Ans60. Adjective

General Maths & Reasoning : Set-C

Ans61.  15 Degree

Ans62.  660 Rs.

Ans63.  18 Triangles

Ans64.  2

Ans65.  I, II & III

Ans66.  13 m, south-east

Ans67.  Sister-in-law

Ans68.  4x greater than 3z (Option 4)

Ans69.  FLRIHO

Ans70.  380


Ans72.  2 (Option 3)

Ans73.  -29/19

Ans74.  213444

Ans75.  25 Years and 15 Years

Ans76.  7:30 AM

Ans77.  8 Km/hr

Ans78.  26

Ans79.  5 meters

Ans80.  8 kgms

PGT English : Set-C

Ans 91. Grandmother (The portrait of a Lady)

Ans 92. Paul Theroux (The Great Railway Bazar)

Ans 93. Ominiscient

Ans 94. a-ii, b-iii, c-iv, d-1

Ans 95. is a humorous, yet savage satire on racism and prejudice that grips society.

Ans 96. A young Seagull who is afraid of flying

Ans 97. Khushwant Singh

Ans 98. Y.B. Yeats

Ans 99. Stories of stolen childhood

Ans 100. Auctioneers will sell the painting at auction.

Ans 101. May

Ans 102. There are only five vowels in English

Ans 103. Dies of Pneumonia

Ans 104. Gerund, Gerund

Ans 105. The sound and the Fury

Ans 106. Kamla Das

Ans 107. Haiku

Ans 108. Kazuo Ishiguro

Ans 109. Adverb

Ans 110. igzaemineiFen (Option 1)

Ans 111. A just and Placid King

Ans 112. Will have understood

Ans 113. Anita Desai

Ans 114. Adverb Clause of condition

Ans 115. To a wedding

Ans 116. a, the, a, a, x

Ans 117. Fruit that is grown organically is expensive

Ans 118. Pearl S.Buck’s ‘The Enemy’

Ans 119. I have had my dinner an hour ago

Ans 120. Demonstrative adjective

Ans 121. Rudyard Kipling

Ans 122. One Should be prepared to analyze and rectify one’s own conduct.

Ans 123. Triumph and disaster

Ans 124. Start building again with available resources

Ans 125. Triumph and disaster

Ans 126. Heart and nerve and sinew

Ans 127. Unpleasant

Ans 128. And treat those two impostors just the same (Option 2)

Ans 129. Paradox

Ans 130. Pride and Prejudice

Ans 131. William Shakespeare

Ans 132. Epigram

Ans 133. Death be not found

Ans 134. Ice and Fire

Ans 135. The old man and the sea

Ans 136. William Langland

Ans 137. Loquacious

Ans 138. Beginner

Ans 139. Repression

Ans 140. Gourmet

Ans 141. Arundhati Roy

Ans 142. Strife

Ans 143. Mending Walls

Ans 144. Narrative

Ans 145. Alexander Pope’s ‘An Essay on Man’

Ans 146. Andrew Marvell’s ‘Thought in a Garden’

Ans 147. Onomatopoeia

Ans 148. A Tale of Two Cities

Ans 149. Parsimonious

Ans 150. Transferred Epithet

This is the unofficial key prepared by the team of Brainylads. For official key please refer to the website of HBSE.

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