Topics for ASL For Class 9, Class10, Class 11, Class 12 | English |


Topics for ASL For Class 9, Class10, Class 11, Class 12 | English |

What is ASL?

ASL refers to Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills. This is a test conducted for the students to test their aforesaid skills. It is compulsory for all the students and schools affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

Keeping the needs and demands of students in mind. We have prepared some topics for ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills) which are given below.

  1. Board Examination Stress
  2. Importance of Reading
  3. Social Networking Sites (Boon or Bane)
  4. Beautiful Mind is Better than a Beautiful Face
  5. Ragging : An Evil
  6. Addiction of Social Networking Sites
  7. Women Empowerment
  8. Obscenity in Web Series
  9. Cashless Economy
  10. We Become What We Eat
  11. E-governance
  12. Brain Drain
  13. Benefits of Being Fearless
  14. Importance of Skill Based Education
  15. Role of a Mother
  16. Ten Habits that can Change Your Life
  17. Covid-19
  18. Five Lessons That Covid-19 Taught Us
  19. Food Adulteration in India
  20. Ailing Mother Earth
  21. Conservation of Forest
  22. Clean India Mission/Swaach Bharat Abhiyan
  23. Rural Development
  24. Importance of Forest
  25. Animals are Our Best Friends
  26. Digital Technology
  27. Importance of Discipline in Schools
  28. Make in India
  29. Digital India
  30. Child Labour
  31. Importance of Reading Newspapers
  32. Education System of India
  33. Dependence on Digital technology
  34. Poverty Problems in India
  35. Corruption in India
  36. Motive of Education
  37. The World of Technology
  38. My Dream India
  39. Deforestation and Impacts
  40. Technological Advancements
  41. Sustainable Development
  42. Advantages of Co-education In India
  43. Science in the Service of Man
  44. Value of Perseverance
  45. Role of Chance in Examinations
  46. Preservation of Wild Life
  47. National Integration
  48. The Changing Face of Our Villages
  49. Secrets of Happiness
  50. Importance of Media
  51. Indian Culture
  52. Egotism in Humans
  53. Demonetisation
  54. Right to vote
  55. Democracy
  56. Autocracy
  57. Generation Gap
  58. A Red Letter Day of My Life.
  59. Adolescent Problems & Solutions
  60. Importance of Games 
  61. Importance of Physical Fitness
  62. Student life
  63. My childhood
  64. A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.
  65. Road Safety
  66. Save Electricity
  67. Save Water
  68. My dream Destination
  69. Your first day at school
  70. My Ideal
  71. If I were Invisible
  72. If I were born with a silver spoon
  73. If I were the PM
  74. Man is the architect of his own future
  75. Merits & Demerits of MCQ-Based Examination
  76. Craze of fashion
  77. Giving in to peer pressure
  78. The changing face of India
  79. Indian Tourism
  80. Importance of English
  81. Censorship of Media
  82. Population Explosion
  83. Impact of Gadgets
  84. Problem of Piracy in India
  85. Drink and Drive?
  86. India- A Land of Legends
  87. Most Embarrassing Moment of Life


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