MCQ of Water Resources | Part B | Unit 3 | Geography | CBSE |


MCQ of Water Resources | Part B | Unit 3 | Geography | CBSE |

1.How much part of the earth is covered with water?
a. 51%
b. 61%
c. 71%
d. 81%
Answer: 71%
2.How much freshwater is there out of total resources?
a. 0.5%
b. 1.0%
c. 2.5%
d. 3.0%
Answer: 3.0%
3.What is the share of India in the world’s water resources?
a. 1%
b. 2%
c. 3%
d. 4%
Answer: 4%
4.The total useful water resources of India are:
a. 1122 cubic km
b. 1222 cubic km
c. 1322 cubic km
d. 1422 cubic km
Answer: 1122 cubic km
5.How much percent of surface water in India can be used?
a. 22%
b. 25%
c. 32%
d. 35%
Answer: 32%

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6.Which chemical has concentrated in water in Bihar?
a. Salt
b. Salinity
c. Fluoride
d. Arsenic
Answer: Arsenic
7.How much groundwater is used in Agriculture?
a. 72%
b. 82%
c. 85%
d. 92%
Answer: 92%
8. Which out of the following has the highest use of groundwater?
a. Punjab
b. Chhattisgarh
c. Bihar
d. Kerala
Answer: Punjab
9. How much percent of the Net sown area is irrigated in Punjab?
a. 65%
b. 75%
c. 80%
d. 85%
Answer: 85%
10. Which part of the river has good quality water?
a. Mountain
b. Plain
c. Delta
d. Valley
Answer: Mountain
11.Which one of the following types describes water as a resource?
a. Abiotic resource
b. Non-renewable Resources
c. Biotic Resource
d. Cyclic Resource.
Answer: Cyclic Resource.
12.Which one of the following rivers has the highest replenishable groundwater resource in the country?
a. The Indus
b. The Brahmaputra
c. The Ganga
d. The Godavari
Answer: The Ganga
13. The highest proportion of the total water used in the country is in which one of the following sectors?
a. Irrigation
b. Industries
c. Domestic use
d. None of the above
Answer: Irrigation


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