Summary of ‘Not Marble Nor the Gilded Monuments

This poem is a sonnet written by Shakespeare in order to highlight such kings that used to make their statues erected in order to flaunt of their wealth, power and supremacy. Besides, he talks about the importance of his friend’s poetry which has an everlasting impact on the mind of readers as well as more longevity.

The poem begins when the poet starts condemning the statues, made by the powerful people, and their flaunt. According to him, such statues of those powerful king remain unswept and tarnished as there is not one to care for them. On the other hand, the poem written by his friend, will always remain in the heart of upcoming generation especially in lovers. He adds that neither the Mars (God of wars) nor his sword will be able to destroy the living record his friend’s memory.

Besides, he calls ‘Time as Sluttish’ in this poem because, it is the most powerful thing of this world which can change the course of anybody’s life. He also adds that wasteful wars can uproot the statues and destroy the art of masonry but no war can destroy the poem written by his friend.

On the whole, he gives more importance to poetry than the flaunting statues of powerful rulers.

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