Top-10 Words (Volume-4)

Top-10 Word Meanings (New Words);Let us present you top-10 words (volume-4) that can help you enriching your vocabulary. These words can be used in daily conversation formally or informally. You should always remember that one can only remember these words if one makes the use of them while speaking or writing. Given below are the words followed by their meanings and examples.

Word Meaning Example
Querulous One who is always complaining This man has a querulous nature. He can never be contented


Skim Move through or go through In order to clear your net exam, you need to skim these books.


Obstinate Stubborn It is next to impossible to teach an obstinate student.


Benediction Blessing My daughter is a benediction to my life.


Frantic Mad He was a frantic follow who hit everyone on the way.


Coax To urge My granddaughter coaxes me to go and apologise to the maid for my being rude to her.


Bemused One who is deeply absorbed in thoughts. My mother was bemused when I told her about by my future.


Metamorphose to transform My personality was metamorphosed by a great debater.
Alleviate To provide physical relief from Some pain killers can alleviate you during toothache.


Distorted Badly Formed The picture was distorted and incomplete when we reached Gujarat.



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