• Language difficult to understand                                Jargon
  • Large scale departure of people                                Exodus
  • List of explanation of words                                       Glossary
  • List of goods with their price                                      Invoice
  • Longing for something                                               Nostalgia
  • Loop of rope is called                                                Noose
  • Loud talk or speech                                                   Harangue
  • Man having the qualities of woman                           Effeminate
  • Man of lax moral                                                        Licentious
  • Man whose wife has been unfaithful to him              Cuckold
  • Mania for setting fires                                                Pyromania
  • Mania for stealing things                                           Kleptomania
  • Mania for talking                                                        Logomania
  • Mania for travelling                                                    Dromomania
  • Mania of being important                                           Megalomania
  • Medicine which lessens pain                                     Anodyne
  • Member of a band of robbers                                    Brigand
  • Morning prayer                                                          Matin
  • Murdering of a family                                                 Familicide
  • Murdering of an infant                                               Infanticide
  • Murdering of Brother                                                 Fratricide
  • Murdering of husband by his wife                             Mariticide
  • Murdering of the king                                                Regicide
  • Murdering of tyrant                                                    Tyrannicide
  • Old age when a man behaves like a fool                  Dotage
  • One who believes one is God                                   Theomania
  • One who believes that everything is pre-destined     Fatalist
  • One who believes that pleasure is the chief good     Hedonist
  • One who betrays one                                                Traitor
  • One who collects coins                                              Numismatist
  • One who is considered stupid                                    Bumpkin
  • One who compiles dictionary                                     Lexicographer
  • One who cuts precious stones                                   Lapidist
  • One who deserts his religion                                     Apostate
  • One who does not care for literature                         Philistine
  • One who does not respect something sacred           Blasphemy
  • One who does not take definite stand                       Evasive
  • One who draws maps and charts                             Cartographer
  • One who eats everything                                          Omnivorous
  • One who eats human flesh                                       Cannibal

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