CHAPTER-5 INDIGO (Long Answer Type Questions)

INDIGO (Long Answer Type Questions)

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Q1. How did Gandhi ji’s stay at Champaran change the plight of the poor peasants?

When Gandhi ji reached Champaran and observed the entire episode, he found that the poor peasants and sharecropper were being exploited by the British landlords. They had extorted money from the innocent peasants for not growing indigo on their field which was being demanded back by the peasants and sharecroppers. When Gandhi ji visited higher officials for help, he was not only disregarded by bullied by the Commissioner of British landlord association. Having seen their behavior, Gandhi ji decided to put up the fight himself without being supported by anybody. He made up his ashram in Motihari and started working from there with the help of poor peasants. He got more than 10000 testimonials in black and white from the victims for further evidence. He had deliberation with the Governor regarding the case. As a result, positive outcome came from the commission set up with the help of Mahatma Gandhi. The landlords got ready to return their money. Even after winning the battle, he did not leave Champaran. He stayed their and develop it socially and culturally. Schools were opened, new latrine trenches were dug, doctors were called and so many steps were taken for the advancement of Champaran. He taught them the lesson of self reliance of independence. In this way Gandhi ji changed the plight of the poor peasants completely.


Q2. Explain the atrocities done by the British landlords over the poor peasants.

The British landlords insisted the poor peasants to grow indigo on their land. That grown indigo was taken as rent by them. They extorted money and the land of the poor peasants who were so innocent that they could not understand about their good and bad. When the news of synthetic indigo reached the ears of the poor peasants, they got angry and wanted their money back at any cost. So they resorted to Mahatma Gandhi who became a ray of hope for their retuning of the money and rights back. They knew it was extremely difficult to throw all the British landlords out of Champaran yet they did not give up their chase. They were not only molested by the British landlords but also by the lawyers who charged high fee from them and did not support them anyhow. They were completely stricken with the exploitation of the landlords and wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible.


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