CHAPTER-6 GOING PLACES (Long Answer Type Questions)

GOING PLACES (Long Answer Type Questions)



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Q1. Give a brief character sketch of Sophie.

Sophie was a day dreamer who dreamt of wild things. She thought of opening her own boutique except being an actress, manager and a fashion designer. She knew that she belonged to a poor family and could not go on with such dreams, yet she kept on dreaming. She was warned continuously by her father of not dreaming wild but she was not ready to move and inch. She made a fake story of meeting Daney Casey which no one believed. She decided a place to meet him knowing that he would not come. Sophie knew that she could only get job in a biscuit factory where every other girl worked. She hated Jansie as she always discouraged her for being the part of such wild dreams. On the whole we can say that she was adamant who did not listen to anybody except listening to her heart which always created problem for her.


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