CHAPTER-5, EVANS TRIES AN O-LEVEL (Long Answer Type Questions)


EVANS TRIES AN O-LEVEL (Long Answer Type Questions)

Q1. “I may surprise everybody” said Evans to his German teacher. Do you think he proved this statement right? Substantiate your answer.

Evans was a congenital kleptomaniac who was used to stealing the things. He was known for his escaping the prison which he had thrice and was planning to go for fourth time. In reality, he had hatched a plan to escape for the fourth time. The teacher who had been coming for the last nine months was his friend with whom he had laid a plan. Apart from that, the invigilator who had come to invigilate him was also one of his friends. He availed him clothes, blood and other necessary things which were required for his final escape. In fact, he cheated the Governor in the end. As a matter of fact, his friends had come to arrest him who released him later on. The fake call from the Board of Examination and the Magistrate court by his friends also show that he was a real mastermind who executed his plans efficiently with the help of his trust worthy friend. So, on the whole we can say that the statement delivered by him came true in the end when he escaped for the fourth time.


Q2. “The Governor was good for a giggle.” Do you think he really deserved Evans smile?

The Governor thought that he had taken all the precautions in order to fail Evans’ plan. He was that person who had taken the responsibility to fail Evans plan. He had appointed two of his most trustworthy employees to keep an eye on them. Moreover, the installation of a sound device that was also a great initiative to listen to the conversation between Mc Leery and Evans. But, all his effort ceased when Evans escape in front of his nose in the end. There were many mistakes committed by him throughout the day. He never cross checked on the teacher whether he was genuinely the same teacher who had been appointed. Moreover, he allowed the fake Mc Leery to carry a semi inflated rubber ring which contained pig’s blood in it. More importantly, he did not check in the end whether the policemen were real or fake. These mistakes of the Governor made him fail in his mission. Seeing all this, we can say that he was really a good for giggle and deserve Evans’s smile in the end.


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