Character Sketch Of Griffin

Griffin is the protagonist of this novel. He is an albino, a prodigy, a meritorious student but extremely short-tempered by nature. In the beginning of the novel, he comes to Iping (a small hillside village of London) as a wrapped up mystery who remains covered with bandages from top to bottom. Initially, he starts his

Character Sketch of Dr. Kemp

Dr. Kemp is a man of science who remains busy throughout the day in his studies. He is a very simple man with flattened hair and is preparing for fellowship exam of Royal Society, London. Kemp shows lack of interest when informed about the presence of the stranger in his home town. He enters his

Character Sketch of Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Hall is the owner of an inn namely ‘Coach & Horses’. She is an impeccable business woman who gets to earn a good fortune when a wrapped stranger comes there to say and offers her two golden sovereigns. She harbours the man without verifying his identity and offers him good hospitality. She remains doubtful

Sample Papers English Grammar Multiple Choice Questions for TET/HTET/RTET/UPTET

Sample Papers English Grammar Multiple Choice Questions for TET/HTET/RTET/UPTET Grammar has always been an indispensable part of one’s life. It is often seen that even confident speakers commit errors while writing English or taking tests like TET/HTET/RTET/UPTET and many more. In order to make you practise more and more, we have brought some questions for

Haryana G.K Quiz

Haryana G.K Quiz This quiz is related to the general knowledge of Haryana. If one wants to check his Haryana G.K, one can take the test that is given below. All you need to do is to click on the right option and move forward to next question. Your average score will be displayed at


VOCABULARY OF DAILY USAGE Very Important File   This Vocabulary can help you a lot in your personal life. All you need to do is use them while conversing with anybody. Make sure you pronounce them clearly in order to make others understand. Such vocabulary matters a lot if used in day-to-day conversation. Click here


VERBS SECOND THIRD FORM: Knowledge of verbs is must. If you are well-versed in using root verbs, present participles and past participles. You can easy communicate your thoughts to the person whom you are speaking to. There are hardly a few sentences which can be framed without taking them in use. So, make the most