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Love Your Mother : An Inspirational Story

Once there was a fatherless child who was always mocked by his friends due to his mother who was not only poor but also blind. They would call his mother ‘blind’ again and again which humiliated him in front of them. His mother who worked as a maid, tried her level best to make their

Whatever Happens , Happens For Better : An Inspirational Story

Once there was a king who had immense faith in one of his ministers. He would consult that minister all the times before he took any decision. One day, he cut off his finger while sharpening his sword, he went to his minister and showed him the injured finger. To his surprise, the minister consoled

Respect Your Parents; An Inspirational Story

Once there was a father who loved his son a lot. He was a teacher by profession and usually remained busy in his school’s work but never forgot to pay attention to his only son. One day,while he was teaching his son at home, a crow came and sat on thier roof’s top. The son

Give Some Time To Your Family- An Inspirational Story

Once there was a businessman who only remained busy all the time in minting (earning excessively)money. He was well-settled, good looking and a pleasing personality but his only dream was to be the richest man of his city therefore he worked round the clock. He had no time for his family which consisted of an

Never Judge Anyone Without Putting Yourself in Their Shoes

Never Judge Anyone : Once a young boy met with an accident. His father rushed him to the hospital where he found no doctor at work. He called the ward boy and angrily asked him to call the doctor immediately. Hearing the emergency, doctor rushed to hospital as soon as possible. The moment he stepped

Values Matter a lot : An Inspirational story

Values Matter a lot (Inspirational story)  Once there was a boy who was used to stealing his classmates’s objects. One day, he steals an eraser from his friend’s bag and hides it in his pocket. On reaching his home, he narrates the entire incident to his mother. His mother, rather than discouraging him, pats on

Never be Pessimist (Inspirational Story)

Never be a Pessimist (An inspirational Story) :  Once there was a lady who had to go abroad on her business trip. She was in hurry, therefore she drove to airport hastily. Due to that, she had to skip her breakfast so she decided to keep a packet of biscuits in her handbag so that