Category: The Invisible Man- Novel

Character Sketch of Dr. Cuss

Doctor Cuss was a local practitioner of Iping who was jealous of continuous growing popularity of the stranger around the little town, Iping. Therefore, he decided to expose the stranger before the people of that village. He made an excuse of collecting fund for nurses with which he went to Coach & Horses to meet

Character Sketch of Mr. Bunting

Mr. Bunting is a Roman Cathoic Priest who is a good friend of Dr. Cuss. He does not believe in the incidence of Dr. Cuss’s elaboration of stranger’s invisibility. On Whit Monday, while the couple are sleeping, they get to hear the noise of somebody’s footsteps. They wake up immediately and find that, there is

Character Sketch Of Griffin

Griffin is the protagonist of this novel ‘The Invisible Man’ written by ‘H.G.Wells‘. He is an albino, a prodigy, a meritorious student but extremely short-tempered by nature. In the beginning of the novel, he comes to Iping (a small hillside village of London) as a wrapped up mystery who remains covered with bandages from top

Character Sketch of Dr. Kemp

Dr. Kemp is a man of science who remains busy throughout the day in his studies. He is a very simple man with flattened hair and is preparing for fellowship exam of Royal Society, London. Kemp shows lack of interest when informed about the presence of the stranger in his home town. He enters his