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Chapter Wise Summary of The Invisible Man Written by H.G.Wells

The Invisible Man (Summary)     Chapter-1 Name: The Strange Man’s Arrival In the first chapter, when the novel begins, we find a stranger moving towards Iping, a small hill side village of London, from Bramblehurst. He is covered from top to bottom wearing long over coat, having pink nose and blue goggles with side

Character Sketch of Dr. Cuss

Doctor Cuss was a local practitioner of Iping who was jealous of continuous growing popularity of the stranger around the little town, Iping. Therefore, he decided to expose the stranger before the people of that village. He made an excuse of collecting fund for nurses with which he went to Coach & Horses to meet

Character Sketch of Bobby Jaffers, Wicksteed & Mr. Fearenside

Bobby Jaffers Bobby Jaffers is a brave constable of Iping Village. He is a man of courage, dominance and extreme example of a dutiful man. When, he is sent by Magistrate Shuckleforth to arrest Griffin, he exhibits his chivalry and tries his level best to get hold of the man. At first, he shows Griffin

Character Sketch of Mr. Hall

Mr. Hall is a henpacked husband who dances on the tunes of his wife. Though he is a cab driver and has a different vocation, but he usually interferes in his wife’s business. He is the co-owner of his inn namely Coach & Horses but is often dominated by his wife. He is bit social

Character Sketch of Colonel Adye

Colonel Adye is the head of Police in Burdock who comes to arrest Griffin on the information of Dr. Kemp. He is sassy, bold and extremely talented police Officer. He lays a trap for the stranger lest he should get any opportunity to escape from the top floor in order to free people from Griffin’s

Character Sketch of Professor Oliver

Professor Oliver is the one who tempts Griffin towards the formula of invisibility. He is a journalist as well as a teacher who teaches Griffin that, things can be made invisible under the light by following some basic steps of Physics. Griffin gets distracted from his teaching and feels that he is wasting his time

Character Sketch of Mr. Bunting

Mr. Bunting is a Roman Cathoic Priest who is a good friend of Dr. Cuss. He does not believe in the incidence of Dr. Cuss’s elaboration of stranger’s invisibility. On Whit Monday, while the couple are sleeping, they get to hear the noise of somebody’s footsteps. They wake up immediately and find that, there is

Character Sketch of Hunchback- The Invisible Man

Hunchback is the owner of that costume shop whence Griffin manages to steal his pink nose, wigs, long overcoat, blue goggle and all the bandages that is wrapped around. He runs a costume shop in Drury Lane where he lives as well, on the first floor. He is a keen observer who can observe even

Character Sketch of Thomas Marvel

Thomas Marvel is an alcoholic who depends on charity altogether for his survival. He is short in stature, fat and ugly. On his first encounter with Griffin, he refuses to believe that he is talking to an invisible man. When hit by Griffin with flint on his toe, he gets ready to believe in former’s

Character Sketch Of Griffin

Griffin is the protagonist of this novel ‘The Invisible Man’ written by ‘H.G.Wells‘. He is an albino, a prodigy, a meritorious student but extremely short-tempered by nature. In the beginning of the novel, he comes to Iping (a small hillside village of London) as a wrapped up mystery who remains covered with bandages from top

Character Sketch of Teddy Henfreys 

Teddy Henfreys is a clock jobber who goes to Coach and Horses on the invitation of Mrs. Hall to mend the watch of stranger’s room which does not show exact time. He is very talkative and likes to interfere in others’ life. On the instructions of Mrs. Hall, he keeps an eye on the stranger

Character Sketch of Dr. Kemp

Dr. Kemp is a man of science who remains busy throughout the day in his studies. He is a very simple man with flattened hair and is preparing for fellowship exam of Royal Society, London. Kemp shows lack of interest when informed about the presence of the stranger in his home town. He enters his

Character Sketch of Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Hall is the owner of an inn namely ‘Coach & Horses’. She is an impeccable business woman who gets to earn a good fortune when a wrapped stranger comes there to say and offers her two golden sovereigns. She harbours the man without verifying his identity and offers him good hospitality. She remains doubtful

Character Sketch/Pen Portrait of Griffin.

Character Sketch/Pen Portrait of Griffin. Griffin is the protagonist of novel ‘The Invisible Man’ who commences his career as a teacher but turns out to be a ruffian in the end.His overambitious nature drags him to the mouth of hell whence he can not come out. He begins his journey with Dr. Kemp from a