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CHAPTER-6 GOING PLACES (Short Answer Type Questions)

GOING PLACES (Short Answer Type Questions)   Q1. What did Sophie dream of? Why did Jansie discourage her? Sophie always dreamt of being a fashion designer. Moreover, she wanted to open her own boutique. Jansie always discouraged her because they both belonged to poor families and were earmarked for biscuit factory.   Q2. “Money does

CHAPTER-5 INDIGO (Long Answer Type Questions)

INDIGO (Long Answer Type Questions) Q1. How did Gandhi ji’s stay at Champaran change the plight of the poor peasants? When Gandhi ji reached Champaran and observed the entire episode, he found that the poor peasants and sharecropper were being exploited by the British landlords. They had extorted money from the innocent peasants for not

CHAPTER-5 INDIGO (Short Answer Type Questions)

INDIGO Short Answer Type Questions)   Q1. Why did Raj Kumar Shukla want Gandhi ji to visit Champaran? Rajkumar Shukla was a poor peasant who was not satisfied with the landlord system in Bihar. That’s why he wanted him to come to Champaran and help them to get their rights & money back.   Q2.

CHAPTER 2 – LOST SPRING (Short Answer Type Questions) with PDF file to download and Summary of the Chapter

Summary of Lost Spring (By: Anees Jung) This chapter is an excerpt taken from one of the books written by Anees Jung wherein she shares her experience with two child labourers namely Saheb and Mukesh who are deprived of their aspirations and other basic requirements and necessities of their lives. Apart from that, whe highlights