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Article on E-Governance for Class X, XI & XII

E-Governance: Need of the Hour E-governance means Government or delivery of national or local government information and services through Internet and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to citizens or businesses or other Governmental agencies. There are basically 3 type of e-Governance channel such as; Government to Government, Government to Business & Government to Citizens. There

Article on ‘Ragging, An Evil’

Ragging – An Evil (By: Jatin Sachdeva)   Ragging is a kind of evil which has spread its wings even in educational institutes. It needs to be rooted out as early as possible so that the lives of innocent students, who become victims of it, can be saved. There is hardly any college where cases

Format of Debate for Class X, XI and XII

Format of Debate A very pleasant morning to respected members of management, worthy teachers and all my docile peers. Today, I am standing here on behalf of the school to express my views in favour of the topic/against the topic (write either) ‘Should Women Go Out to Work’. I hope all of you will pay

Important Question Answers of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers with PDF File to Download

Question/Answers of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers              ————————————————————————————————————– Q1. What made Aunt Jennifer only choose to knit tigers on the screen not any other animals? Ans. Since tigers are the epitome of bravery and ferociousness & untamed by anyone in this world, they have a unique feature that they are unafraid

Article on ‘How To Combat Board Examination Stress’

Pressure of Board Exams (By: Rahul Sharma) Since many decades, examination process has been a constant source of evaluation of students’ performance in our country wherein they are assessed on the basis of their marks not on their knowledge and reasoning ability. Every year, students have to undergo various tests and board exams which determine

Celebration Report for Class XII, School’s report, Important for Board Exams

DPS CELEBRATES ANNUAL FUNCTION (By: Mayank Yadav)  7th September, Rewari: Delhi Public School celebrated its 38th annual function with pomp and show yesterday in its sports compound. Therefore, the entire school was adorned with red & white ribbons which was seeing worthy. The theme of that annual function was ‘Rainbow’ representing the unity among all