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Summary of ‘Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues’ with important Questions/Answers, Class XI, Hornbill

Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues (By: A.R. Williams) This chapter is based on archaeology and its pros and cons. It is based on a king’s life namely Tut who died unexpectedly. He was just a teenager then and since then, his death has been a mystery for people who suspect him to be murdered which could

Summary of ‘We are not Afraid to Die, if We can All be Together’ with important questions and answers, Class XI, Hornbill

Summary of ‘We Are Not Afraid To Die If We Can All Be Together’ (By: Gordon Cook and Alan East)   This chapter is all about narrator’s journey from Plymouth, England whereby he decides to break the record of Captain James Cook which was made 200 years ago. He with his wife, Mary & with

Summary of The Portrait of a Lady with important questions and answers (Written by : Khushwant Singh)

The Portrait of a Lady (By: Khushwant Singh) This chapter revolves around narrator’s memorable moments with his grandmother. He recounts the days which he had spent with his grandmother since his childhood. He sheds some light on the pious personality of his grandmother who would take pains to grow him up. According to him, his