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Required Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs) For Social Studies (S.St) and English

One of the leading schools of Rewari (Haryana) requires Trained Graduate Teachers for teaching S.St and English   Candidate should have excellent communication skills. He/She should have essential qualification required for the post. Fluency in English is must. He/She should be passionate to teach the students Candidates with experience will be preferred for the job

How to Use Adjectives? Degrees of Adjectives.

Adjective is a word that expresses an attribute of something or it is a word class that qualifies nouns.   For Example: Ram is a tall boy. (Here the word tall is an adjective as it qualifies the noun boy, therefore it is an adjective) Seeta is a beautiful girl. (Here the word beautiful qualifies

Watch Video of how to use Present Indefinite Tense

This video highlights how to use Present Indefinite Tense and depicts where to use this tense. Besides, it also highlights the common errors made by students in using this tense. You don’t have any doubts left after watching this video. Click on the link given below in order to watch this video and do subscribe

Article on E-Governance for Class X, XI & XII

E-Governance: Need of the Hour E-governance means Government or delivery of national or local government information and services through Internet and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to citizens or businesses or other Governmental agencies. There are basically 3 type of e-Governance channel such as; Government to Government, Government to Business & Government to Citizens. There

Summary of ‘Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues’ with important Questions/Answers, Class XI, Hornbill

Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues (By: A.R. Williams) This chapter is based on archaeology and its pros and cons. It is based on a king’s life namely Tut who died unexpectedly. He was just a teenager then and since then, his death has been a mystery for people who suspect him to be murdered which could

Summary of ‘We are not Afraid to Die, if We can All be Together’ with important questions and answers, Class XI, Hornbill

Summary of ‘We Are Not Afraid To Die If We Can All Be Together’ (By: Gordon Cook and Alan East)   This chapter is all about narrator’s journey from Plymouth, England whereby he decides to break the record of Captain James Cook which was made 200 years ago. He with his wife, Mary & with

Summary of The Portrait of a Lady with important questions and answers (Written by : Khushwant Singh)

The Portrait of a Lady (By: Khushwant Singh) This chapter revolves around narrator’s memorable moments with his grandmother. He recounts the days which he had spent with his grandmother since his childhood. He sheds some light on the pious personality of his grandmother who would take pains to grow him up. According to him, his