How to Use Adjectives? Degrees of Adjectives.

Adjective is a word that expresses an attribute of something or it is a word class that qualifies nouns.


For Example:

Ram is a tall boy. (Here the word tall is an adjective as it qualifies the noun boy, therefore it is an adjective)

Seeta is a beautiful girl. (Here the word beautiful qualifies the noun girl, therefore it is an adjective)


Degrees of Adjectives

Every adjective can be classified into three degrees. These are

  1. Positive Degree
  2. Comparative Degree
  3. Superlative Degree


Given below are the examples of positive, comparative and superlative degrees.

Positive Degree

Comparative Degree

Superlative Degree

Beautiful more Beautiful

the most beautiful


worse than

the worst


Slighter than the slightest
Brave braver than

the bravest


more cautious the most cautious


better than

the best

Dark darker than

the darkest.


Important Points to Remember.

  1. Comparative Degree is always followed either by r/er or than.

  2. Superlative Degree is always preceded by the.

  3. We can not use two comparative degrees in the same sentence.

  4. We, too, can not use two superlative degrees in the same sentence.


For e.g.

Ram is more smarter than Shyam. (It is wrong to use two comparative degrees together.)

Ram is smarter than Shyam. (Right)


Manoj is the most smartest boy of the class. (Wrong)

Manoj is the smartest boy of the class. (Right)


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