Realise Your Worth : An Inspirational Story

Once there was a young of lion (cub) which wanted to stand on its feet and learn hunting as soon as possible. Its mother would take it to the forests and often taught it how to attack, defend, hunt and every other intricate detail of hunting an animal.

Once, while attacking the sheep, it gets lost in the forest and gets separated from its mother. It tries to locate its mother but all in vain. Some of the sheep look for its mother here and there but don’t find it. So, they take it along with them and start feeding it as if it were their own little one.

The cub grows taller and stronger day by day and starts grazing on grass as others sheep do. Once the same herd of sheep is attacked by a pride of lions. While running, in order to save its life, the cub is seen by one of the lions. The lion asks that cub why it is running to save its life when it is a lion itself. The cub does not stop and keeps on begging the other lion and running so that it can save itself from that lion.

The lion tries to convince it again saying “You are a lion. Why are you running to save your life?” But, the cub keeps on crying for its life and running as quickly as possible.

The lion gives another try to convince it that it is a young of lion and it needs not get scared from them. But all in vain.

Ultimately, the lion, while chasing it, pounces onto that cub and holds it by its neck. The lion drags that cub to a pond and shows its face to it in the water and says “You are a lion and you need not run.”

Seeing its face in the water, the cub realises that it is seriously a young of lion and a lion is not afraid of anyone. The Lion, which had caught it, asks it to roar as louder as possible. It follows Lion’s order and realises its worth.


We are also that cub which does not know its importance until and unless somebody comes and makes it realise its worth. Never underestimate yourself and put yourself down in any of the situations. Remember, you are the best & you can do your best.

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