Summary of Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger


This chapter revolves around Mrs. Packletide who is jealous of Loona Bimberton’s recently flying with an Algerian Aviator for 11 miles. In order to outdo Loona Bimberton, she decides to shoot a Tiger and present Mrs. Loona a brooch made of tiger’s claw on her birthday & to invite her on a luncheon party.

For that, she holds a meeting with the people of one of her neighbouring villagers who have recently seen a weak and old tiger looking for prey in the forests. She offers a lucrative offer of Rs. 1000 to the villagers for arranging a tiger hunt.

Having been offered such a huge amount, villagers make some arrangement for the royal lady. At first, they make a platform on the tree whence she can shoot the tiger easily with her gun. Besides, they deploy their children on the outskirts of the village to head that weak and old tiger to the village, if seen. Apart from that, they arrange some bleating goats as to draw the attention of the tiger.

On the other hand, Mrs. Packletide hires a paid companion namely Miss Mebbin who behaves as if she were the elder sister of former. She advises Mrs. Packletide not to pay Rs. 1000 for such a weak and lazy tiger. Her untimely suggestions to Mrs. Packletide irritates the latter.

Now a goat is tethered to a tree, whose bleating fetched the attention of the tiger. The tiger, being lazy and old, plans to take some rest before killing the goat.

Meanwhile Mrs. Packletide shoots at the tiger but his bullets hits the goat instead of hitting the tiger. The goat dies on the spot whereas the tiger dies of heart failure. Even some of the villager notice the same thing but they don’t object due to fear of losing their money. They beat drums and proclaim everywhere that a tiger has been killed by Mrs. Packletide successfully.

On the contrary, Miss Mebbin, who was paid for her services, starts blackmailing Mrs Packletide by threatening her to disclose the secret before everyone. In exchange, she demands for a cottage which costs Mrs. Packletide an arm and a leg. In order to remember the contribution of the tiger in getting her a cottage, Miss Mebbin grows Tiger Lillies in her cottage.

In few days, Mrs. Packletide becomes the breaking news of the time but she doesn’t seem to be amused. Loona Bimberton declines her invitation for the luncheon party and even stops reading the newspaper covering the news of Mrs. Packletide’s hunt.

Now, whenever any friend of Mrs. Packletide enquires about tiger hunt, she says that incidental expenses are too heavy.

In this way, the narrator takes a dig at Mrs. Packletide for her nature of outshining Miss Loona Bimberton.

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