Summary of Two Gentlemen of Verona, First Chapter of Class X

Summary of Two Gentlemen of Verona

(By: Jatin Sachdeva)

This story centres around two brothers Nicola and Jacopo who are really hard working and engaged in many businesses in order to save their sister’s life suffering from tuberculosis of spine.

At the beginning of the chapter, we see the narrator driving through the Alps and visiting Verona where he comes across two boys selling strawberries. Narrator gets attracted to the boys, who are dressed shabbily, to buy a basket of strawberries. On the contrary, narrator’s driver Luigi forbids to buy the fruit from them due to their shabby appearance.

On the next morning, the narrator sees both the boys shining shoes and earning money. He goes to meet them when their business slacks. On being interrogated about their vocations, the boys tell the narrator that they hawk newspapers, polish shoes and sell strawberries to make their living. Even they prove helpful to the narrator in booking tickets of opera, arranging American cigarettes and running many errands.

The narrator gets impressed with the boys and enquires about the reason of their being so hard working. He also asks them if they had plans to go to the USA.

Now, the narrator, before leaving, asks the boys if he can help them. The younger of the two asks the narrator if he can drop them to a small town, almost 30 kms away from Verona. At first, Nicola stares at his younger brother but later agrees.

The narrator takes them to Poleta where, on following the boys, he reaches a villa cum hospital. He gets to see a nurse there who narrates each and everything to the narrator about the boys. She says that their sister (Lucia) who has been suffering from Tuberculosis, is being treated here for more than a year. She also explains that how both the boys stood with the movement against the germans who destroyed their homes and family.

Having known each and everything, the narrator comes back to Verona with the boys by his car without putting up any question. The utmost devotion and dedication of both the boys, in order to save their sister’s life, make them perfect gentlemen.

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