Chapter Wise Summary of The Invisible Man Written by H.G.Wells


Name: The Furniture that Went Mad

While the thievery was being committed at Mr. Bunting’s home, Mrs. Hall and Mr. Hall were going to dilute the beer in their cellar at the same time. But soon the couple realize that they have forgotten to bring the bottle of Sarsaparilla. In order to carry that bottle, Mrs. Hall sends Mr. Hall to bring that bottle down. While bringing the bottle down, Mr. Hall observes that the stranger’s room is ajar. He enters and finds that the stranger is not there. Soon, he calls Mrs. Hall upwards and they both get to see his clothes being scattered there. While they wonder about the stranger, they hear some strange noises of sneezing and coughing etc. Then the mess begins. The stranger starts disturbing the furniture, throwing things at the couple and scaring them. Ultimately, he lifts a four-legged chair and throw the couple out of the room. Mrs. Hall faints whereas Mr. Hall awakens Millie in order to call some of the neighbours. She goes out and brings Mr. Huxter (A General Dealer) & Sandy Wadgers (A Blacksmith). Mrs. Hall is given some restoratives to bring her back to her senses. Before they all could plan to raid the room of the stranger, latter himself comes, covered from top to bottom with his usual appearance, and hands in the bottle to Mr. George Hall stating that he had forgotten his bottle inside.



Name: The Unveiling of the Stranger

In the beginning of this chapter we get to read that Mrs. Hall has stopped the food supply of the stranger as he has not paid his bills for last five days. Stranger, who is extremely hungry who has been waiting for his food since morning, has rung the bell thrice but not responded by Mrs. Hall. Eventually, he comes out of room, calls one of the customers enjoying Whit Monday and asks him to call Mrs. Hall. Mrs. Hall brings a plate having a bill on it and asks stranger to pay it if he really wants to have food else she’ll not give him anything to eat. Mrs. Hall. Besides, she puts up some questions, at the time of being given the money by the stranger, from the stranger which infuriate him completely. He starts taking his goggles, bandages and gloves off and becomes invisible. He runs to the kitchen and brings some food from there. On the other hand, Mr. Hall brings a local village constable namely Mr. Bobby Jaffers who show Griffin a warrant and request him to accompany to police station for the probe. But, rather than supporting him, he starts beating him like hell and make him black and blue. Even after being beaten a lot, police constable does not give up and manages to get hold on the stranger. Stranger gives in and asks for the reason of his arrest. Stranger is told that he is accused of calling spirits and breaking in Mr. Bunting’s house. Stranger admits his fault and enacts as if he were ready to accompany him for the probe. But, taking the advantages, he unclothes himself and becomes invisible. Thereafter, he beats Mr. Jaffers, Mr. Hall, Sandy Wadgers and everyone else who comes on his way. Having beaten all of them, he runs from there but vows to come back again to take revenge.


Name: In Transit

Griffin escapes from Coach and Horses in search of someone who can help him out in arranging food, clothes and basic facilities. On the way, he runs across Mr. Gibbons who is an amateur as well as naturalist. Griffin tries to get closer to him, but soon Mr. Gibbons gets to hear a strange noise of his sneezing and coughing. Understanding the gravity of the situation & seeing the danger around him, he runs from there and rushes to his home.


Name: Mr. Thomas Marvel

Having failed to talk to Mr. Gibbons, Griffin moves towards Adder dean where he comes across a drunkard namely Mr. Thomas Marvel who is confused between a pair of shoes, which one to wear which one not to. Griffin speaks from his back and advises him to put either pair. Hearing the voice, Marvel turns up but fails to see anyone there. Griffin tries his level best to convince about his invisibility but Marvel forbids to do so. Finally, Griffin picks up some flints and throws at the drunkard man. One of the flints hits Marvel on his toe, thereafter he gets ready to everything being said by Griffin. Marvel requests him not to throw any more stone at him. He gets ready to work for him when convinced by the stranger.


Name: Mr. Marvel’s Visit to Iping

Having been convinced by Griffin, Marvel goes to Coach and Horses to get back the luggage which includes former’s clothes, diary etc. He tries to sneak into stranger’s room but abrupt by Mr. Hall who tells him about the privacy of the room. Marvel comes out of the inn and wait for something to happen. Soon he receives a big bundle kind of thing which he gets through the window and runs down the hill. Mr. Huxter who had been keeping an eye on him since his arrival, tries to get hold of him, gets beaten by Griffin who also saves Marvel from the hands of Iping’s local folk.

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