Chapter Wise Summary of The Invisible Man Written by H.G.Wells



Name: Mr. Teddy Henfrey’s first Impressions

 In the second chapter, a clock jobber namely Teddy Henfrey comes to Coach and Horses for a cup of coffee whence he is sent to stranger’s room by Mrs. Hall to keep an eye on him and his odd habits along with repairing the watch. He goes inside, stares at the stranger and tries to talk to him making and excuse of the weather but the stranger orders him to mind his own business and leave as soon as he is done with his work. Teddy gets hurt and irritated with his words and leaves Coach and Horses even after Mrs. Hall tries her level best to stop him & go to the root cause. Having left Coach and Horses, he meets Mr. Hall whom he incites and provokes against the stranger stating that latter’s wife has no sense of business. Teddy also talks ill of the stranger and his luggage that is supposed to reach soon. Mr. Hall, in order to show his supremacy, goes to Mrs. Hall to teach her a lesson of ‘how to do business’ but on the contrary, he is reprimanded and lambasted by Mrs. Hall. Mr. Hall leaves from there but it leaves a question mark in the mind of Mrs. Hall about the real identity of the stranger. She starts suspecting him.


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