Character Sketch of Bobby Jaffers, Wicksteed & Mr. Fearenside

Bobby Jaffers

Bobby Jaffers is a brave constable of Iping Village. He is a man of courage, dominance and extreme example of a dutiful man. When, he is sent by Magistrate Shuckleforth to arrest Griffin, he exhibits his chivalry and tries his level best to get hold of the man. At first, he shows Griffin an arrest warrant for being the suspect of stealing Bunting’s money, but seeing the stranger’s behaviour and aggresion, he has to be voilent with Griffin. Though Griffin beats him like hell  and make him black and blue, yet he does not give up till the end. He fails to arrest Griffin but he proves his excellence and faints in the end.

Mr. Fearenside

Mr. Fearenside is a cab driver who brings Griffin’s luggage to Coach and Horses from Bramblehurst station. When the stranger comes to pick up his luggage, Fearenside’s dog bites him twice once on the gloves and again on his pants. People start lamenting him for carrying such a ferocious dog with him. He is the one who also suspects stranger for being a ‘Piebald’ which is actually a breed of two or more colour as he finds the colour of his nose and legs different from each other. He acts as a sideline character in this novel.


Wicksteed was the steward of Lord Burdock who gets killed by the hands of Griffin unwillingly. He actually, in pursuit of a mysterious thing, follows Griffin wherein his head washit by Griffin many times. As per the evidences, it is found that he has been hit by an invisible force which even regrets his decision by crying at Wicksteed body. He is killed by Griffin without any rhyme or reason. So, this shows that Griffin has been blind in power who can do anything to make his dreams come true.


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