Character Sketch of Professor Oliver

Professor Oliver is the one who tempts Griffin towards the formula of invisibility. He is a journalist as well as a teacher who teaches Griffin that, things can be made invisible under the light by following some basic steps of Physics. Griffin gets distracted from his teaching and feels that he is wasting his time in Chemistry like a fool. He follows the instructions of that Professor and starts working on the formula round the clock. They both don’t leave any stone unturned to make their dreams come true. But, due to credit-taking issue, they have a row with each other. Professor Oliver, who is jealous of his work and popularity among students, does not let him publish his papers and research work. Griffin get furious in the end which leads to tussle between both of them. As a result, they both have to leave the company of each other. Then, Griffin decides to work on the formula of invisibility single-handedly and he succeeds in his mission too. On the whole, we can say that Griffin as a scientist is produced by Profesor Oliver who himself doesn’t succeed but teach his pupil the formula.


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