Character Sketch of Mr. Bunting

Mr. Bunting is a Roman Cathoic Priest who is a good friend of Dr. Cuss. He does not believe in the incidence of Dr. Cuss’s elaboration of stranger’s invisibility. On Whit Monday, while the couple are sleeping, they get to hear the noise of somebody’s footsteps. They wake up immediately and find that, there is sound of pad-pad as if somebody were walking barefoot on the ground. At first, they think that could be their misconception but soon Mr. Bunting recalls the incident explained by Mr. Cuss and follows the noise with a poker in his hand. He sees his drawers being opened, candle being lit and papers being thrown here and there but can’t succeed in catching the thief red-handedly. Finally, he realises that it could be the work of invisible man. He even goes to Coach and Horses for having a look at stranger’s three fat books but neither gets the head nor the tail. He is beaten by the stranger for  being an intruder.


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