Character Sketch Of Griffin

Griffin is the protagonist of this novel ‘The Invisible Man’ written by ‘H.G.Wells‘. He is an albino, a prodigy, a meritorious student but extremely short-tempered by nature. In the beginning of the novel, he comes to Iping (a small hillside village of London) as a wrapped up mystery who remains covered with bandages from top to bottom. Initially, he starts his career as a teacher but soon gets attracted towards the formula of being invisible under the supervision of Professor Oliver. He leaves no stone unturned to succeed in his mission but argues with his mentor due to credit-taking issue. He forsakes the profession & company of Prof. Oliver to work single handedly. Therefore, he changes his abode and goes to stay in The Great Portland Street where he almost succeeds in being invisible. Due to his stealing of his father’s money, his father commits suicide but he remains unaffected and focussed At first, he feels extremely proud of his invisibility but soon he realises the shortcomings of being invisible. In his anger, he burns his landlords house and escapes from there. He comes across many problems being naked and isolated. He reaches Dr.Kemp’s house where he discloses his all secrets and offers him a partnership in his misdeeds. Dr. Kemp, being an altruist, plans to get him arrested but fails in his plan. Griffin, knowing the intention of Dr. Kemp, threatens him to be killed but in his pursuit of killing him, becomes a prey to masons who hit him a spade and later suffocates him. He becomes visible after his death and his desire of being visible remains a dream till he survives. His arrogance and pride leads him to death in the end.


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