Character Sketch of Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Hall was the owner of an inn namely ‘Coach & Horses’. She was an impeccable business woman who got to earn a good fortune when a wrapped & peculiar stranger came there to stay. Besides, She was very friendly and a good host too as she offered good hospitality to her guest and served sumptuous food to eat for a long period of time.

Mrs. Hall was of the opinion that her guest was a victim of an accident. She remained doubtful since the very first day of his arrival about his covered face and odd habits. Her doubts turned into reality when she cut the food supply of stranger for not paying his bills for a few days. On that day, she got to see the real face of the stranger when latter exposed himself by taking his pink nose, bandages and napkin off. She got too scared and even fainted couple of times during the stay of stranger at her inn. Finally she managed to get rid of that devil in the end with the help of her neighbours. In nutshell, she was very compassionate and inquisitive but very talkative by nature.

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