Values Matter a lot : An Inspirational story

Values Matter a lot (Inspirational story) 

Once there was a boy who was used to stealing his classmates’s objects. One day, he steals an eraser from his friend’s bag and hides it in his pocket. On reaching his home, he narrates the entire incident to his mother. His mother, rather than discouraging him, pats on his back and advises him to continue his job. Now, He goes to school everyday and continues the same practice. Every time, he gets encouragement from his mother. Even, now she advises him to steal big things. Getting inspiration from his mother, he one day steals his teacher’s cell phone and brings it to his home. Mother once again pats him on his back.

The boy soon becomes a professional thief. From pickpocketting to robberies, he commits everything and in return, he is always supported by his mother. One day, he goes to rob a person where he murders him when the latter objects. He is caught red-handedly by the public and handed over to police. When produced before magistrate, he admits all his done crimes and misdeeds. Consequently, he is pronounced death penalty by the court. He starts crying on the spot and folds his hand before the magistrate to lessen his punishment but denied. On the day of his hanging, he is asked for his last wish, he says that he wants to see his mother for the last time.

She is called and allowed to meet her son before he is hanged. When she reaches there, her son says that he wants to say something in her ear. Mother thinks, there must be a good news so she goes to listen what her son wants to say.

The moments she inches closer, he bites her ear as hard as he can. As a result mother starts bleeding and crying over there. She, being very emotional, asks him the reason of this brutality. He replies cryingly that if she had slapped him on the very first day of his stealing when he stole his friend’s eraser, he would have never been a murderer.
Mother cries a lot hearing these words. Always remember

Values matter a lot
  1. we should always instill good values in others
  2. We should not support them in their wrongdoings.


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