CHAPTER 1 – THE TIGER KING (Long Answer Type Questions)


Q1. ‘The Tiger King’ is a satire on those who are in power. Do you agree? Give reasons in support to your answer.

There is no doubt that this chapter is a satire on the Maharaja of Pratibandapuram. The usage of this literary devise makes this chapter more interesting and adds humor to this. Moreover, it sheds light on the foolishness of Tiger King who ignores the warning of the astrologers. Having known that his death will come from a hundredth tiger, he starts killing them one by one rather than stop killing them. If he had acted on the warning of astrologers, he would not have been killed. Besides, the narrator makes fun of him stating that he was champion of champions yet he missed his mark while killing the hundredth one. Moreover, his own dewan ridicules him at the time of their discussion about his marriage saying that he was married and already had two wives. In the end, when he got infection throughout his hand and died, the surgeons made fun of him by saying that the operation was successful and he was no more. Seeing these examples, we can conclude that this chapter is a sheer satire on the powerful but foolish Maharaja.


Q2. How did the hundredth tiger take his revenge upon the Maharaja?

When the Maharaja was born it was predicted that his death would come from a tiger, he foolishly decided that he would kill all the tigers one by one. He kept on killing tigers and reached the target of ninety nine tigers. When he saw his last prey, he decided to shoot him on the spot without delaying.  The tiger which was lazy as well as old fainted due to whizzing sound of the bullet. He thought that his mission was complete. On the very next day, it was his son’s birthday. In order to show his care towards his son, he went to market and bought a wooden tiger. That tiger was carved by an unskilled carpenter, which had a rough surface and tiny wooden slivers on it. One of the slivers pierced Maharaja’s right hand and led to severe infection through out the arm. Three surgeons were called from there who declared that the operation was successful and that way the hundredth tiger took his revenge upon the tiger king.


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