CHAPTER-4 THE RATTRAP (Long Answer Type Questions)

THE RATTRAP (Long Answer Type Questions)

Q1. Give a brief character sketch of the rattrap seller.

The rattrap seller was a tramp who kept on wandering here and there for selling his hand made rattraps. He always wore rags and looked for a place for shelter. But he was neither welcome not respected anywhere. As a result, he thought that the world was a rattrap & they all were rats who had to get trapped into that rattrap that day or the previous day. He cheated on the man who sheltered him, offered him food and shared his emotions with him. He stole his thirty kronors and ran away through the woods where he found himself trapped. Later on, he reached Ramsjo iron mill where he was mistaken as an old acquaintance by the owner. He was brought to the home with the help of iron master’s daughter. He had gone there with an intention of stealing something but when he saw the hospitality of Edla, he mended his way and got changed into a man from a wild beast. In the end, he returned all the stolen kronors back to the crofter and thanked Edla for changing him into a man. In the end, he signed himself as Captain Von Stahle and returned back to his work.


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Q2. Anyone can be changed with love and care? Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons in support to your answer.

Yes, I think anyone can be changed with love and affection. One can be made to understand by showing concern and attention towards him. Love is the only one that can help converting a wild beast into a man as we read in the chapter ‘The rattrap’ that how a man who was used to stealing and robbing the people. How he was transformed into a human by Edla through her love and respect. The man who thought of stealing others returned the stolen money and assured her of not repeating such mistakes again. In this way we can say that not only the rattrap seller but everyone in this world can be set to right way through love and respect towards him. Moreover, one should be given proper time and care to see the change in one’s life.

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