CHAPTER 2 – LOST SPRING (Short Answer Type Questions)

CHAPTER 2 – LOST SPRING (Short Answer Type Questions)

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Q1. What were the reasons given by Saheb for coming from Bangladesh?

According to Saheb, their departure from Bangladesh was caused by storms which destroyed their fields, lands, home and everything they had with them. But in reality, they came from since they had no source of income there to survive.


Q2. What did the narrator see Saheb doing in front of her home? What did she promise Saheb to be done?

The narrator noticed Saheb picking up rags in front of her home. She promised Saheb to open her own school and let Saheb study in it but she could not keep it as it is not easy to open a school in a day or two.


Q3. “Garbage to them is gold.” Explain this statement.

Yes, there is no doubt that garbage is gold for them because it is the only mean of earning & survival for the families living in Seempuri. They sometimes earn money by selling the rags.


Q4. What did the man from Udipi once tell the narrator?

The man from Udipi once told narrator about a boy who would always go to temple and pray for a pair of shoes. Ultimately he got pair of shoes. Moreover, he compares that boy with today’s boy who doesn’t even get bothered to look after his shoes.


Q5. Why does rag picking mean different to children and elders?

For children, it is something wrapped in wonder since they get to earn little bit by selling of that rubbish for they enjoyment. For elders, it is the only mean of survival as they are totally dependent on it.


Q6. “Seemapuri is in Delhi, Yet miles away from it” What does the narrator mean by this statement?

This statement signifies that Seemapuri is not as developed as the other areas of Delhi. It is an adobe for only and only rag pickers. More than 10000 rag pickers live there and depend on rag picking completely. It is in Delhi on papers but doesn’t seem to be from anywhere.

Q7. Where has Saheb got a pair of tennis shoes from? Why is he extremely excited about it?

Actually, Saheb has got a pair of tennis shoes from a rich boy who discarded them because of a hole in one of them. He is extremely excited on wearing the shoes because his dream has come true of wearing tennis shoes.


Q8. Is Saheb happy working at tea stall?

No, Saheb is not happy working at tea stall. He has lost his ownership, earlier he used to be his own master but now he works under someone at a minimum salary of 800 Rs. Per month along with two square meals. He has lost his carefree look.


Q9. What excuses does the army of barefoot boy make of not wearing footwear?

The army of barefoot boy make plenty of excuses of not wearing footwear, one of them says that he does not wear footwear because his mother does not get them down from the shelf, another one calls it a fashion of remaining barefoot. But in reality, they children can not afford to have a pair of footwear since they belong to lower class families.


Q10. “Survival in Seemapuri means rag picking” What does the narrator mean by this statement?

The narrator wants to say that Seemapuri people have got only an art of rag picking with them. They can only depend on it for their survival. More than 10000 rag pickers live there and earn through the same profession.


Q11. Why does the narrator feel elated on seeing Mukesh?

The narrator feels elated on seeing Mukesh because he dreams of such things that have never been dreamt by anybody in the entire Firozabad. As a matter of fact, he wants to become a motor mechanic and drive car.


Q12. What makes Firozabad a famous town?

Firozabad is famous for bangles and bangle making. All kinds of bangle in all the colours remain available there round the clock. Each and every family of Firozabad is engaged in the business of bangle making. All these things make Firozabad very famous.

Q13. Why can’t the bangle makers organize themselves into co-operatives?

The bangle makers know only one thing that is how to make bangles. If they try to get into another business, the local police arrest & drag them to jail. Moreover, fake cases are registered over them. All of that is done on the instructions of bureaucrats, politicians and the middlemen of the town.


Q14. Under what condition do children of Firozabad work?

Children of Firozabad work in front of hot furnaces, in dingy cells, in ill-ventilated areas and unhygienic conditions. They lose their eyesight because of the dust that comes out of the glasses & become blind before their adulthood.


Q15. What is the irony in Saheb’s name?

Saheb’s name suggests that he is the lord of the Universe. But in reality, he is merely a poor rag picker who lives in Seemapuri and does a great deal of rag picking on daily basis for his survival.


Q16. Who is Savita? What does she not about bangle making?

Savita is a young bangle maker who knows all skills of bangle making. She does not much about its history and usage except a statement that it is a sign of suhaag.


Q17. Explain Firozabad as locality.

Firozabad is famous for bangle making. All the bangle makers live under unhygienic condition such as; streets remain full of garbage, no drainage and sewage system, human and animals co-exist in the same houses, houses made of mud with roof of tin and tarpaulin. They don’t have proper ventilation and they live in small framed homes.


Q18. Explain the theme of Lost Spring.

The themes depicts about the lost childhood of the children who live in Seemapuri and Firozabad. They get lost off this world as spring does. They have no future and clarity about their life. Their life is as bad as of animals.



Q19. “Few planes fly over Firozabad” What is the irony in this statement?

The irony in this statement is that Firozabad seems to be located somewhere near a developed which has an airport near by. But people of Firozabad have never flown by air. So it becomes a dream for the people of Firozabad.


Q20. What has Mukesh’s father achieved so far in his life?

Mukesh’s father who has been a bangle maker for many years has only succeeded in sending his children to the school. Moreover, he has renovated his house. Except these two things, he has failed to achiever every other thing in his life. He knows one thing that he can teach his sons about which is bangle making.

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