CHAPTER 2 – LOST SPRING (Long Answer Type Questions)

CHAPTER 2 – LOST SPRING (Long Answer Type Questions)

Q1. Childhood is meant for play and education and not for work. Do you agree? Give reasons in support to your answer.

Yes, I agree with this statement that childhood is meant for play and education. It is the best phase of one’s life which should not be wasted in useless working and activity. In this phase, a child does not know about his worries and remains out of all tension of this world where as in Seemapuri and Firozabad all the children be they twelve, thirteen of fourteen found to be working as child labourers. They work in dingy cell, ill ventilated rooms and atmosphere, around furnaces and under hazardous conditions. They work for the sake of little amount & due to their parental pressure of earning money. They lose their golden period searching for their earnings and can’t enjoy this golden phase. Very few of them can come out of this vicious circle but most of them get trapped in it. Their future becomes unsecured and they fail at every stage of their life. As a result, they are born poor and they die poor too.




Q2.Whose is a better attitude to life- Saheb’s or Mukesh’s? Support your answer with reasons.

According to me, Mukesh has a better attitude of living life because he does not want to pursue the same business being followed for many years. He dreams of something that has never been dreamt by anybody. He wants to buy a car and drive it. On the other hand, Saheb who is a rag picker seems satisfied with his new job at tea stall. Although, he has lost his carefree look, yet he seems satisfied with his life. He does not have big dreams like Mukesh but he wants to do something else except rag picking. On the whole, Mukesh has better perspective than Saheb who believes in being his own master rather than working as a bangle maker throughout the life. Mukesh has seen his father spending his entire life as a bangle maker but not achieved anything so far. Therefore, he keeps a different vision in his eyes.


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