CHAPTER-1 The Last Lesson (Long Answer Type Questions)

Last Lesson Long Questions

Last Lesson Long
Last Lesson Long

Q1. Write a note on the character of M. Hamel as a teacher.

M.Hamel was a French teacher who had been teaching for forty years in the school of Alsace. He was a strict teacher who always kept an iron ruler under his arm in order to punish the children for not doing their work. He thought for the welfare of the children and their better future. He was disciplined and obedient to his duties. Having heard about the order that came from Berlin, he got so much depressed & emotional on his last day. He taught everybody the importance of his mother tongue and requested them to guard their language. He knew that was his last day in the school, yet he performed his duties seriously and taught his last lesson in the class which shows how dutiful he was towards his duties. He held himself and the parents responsible for the poor performance of the people. All the students and villagers present in the class had tears in their eyes for not being sincere and regular in the class. After teaching them all the lessons, M. Hamel stood up and bade farewell to the students by writing “Vive La France “on the board which means ‘live long France’.

Q2. How did Franz realize the importance of his mother tongue?

Franz was an irregular student who wished to live and spend his much of the time out of doors. He thought of skipping the classes as he was aware of the nature of his class teacher. He took his lessons as a medium of boredom. When he got to know about the order that came from Berlin, he got the land skipped under his feet. On reaching school, he learnt the lessons honestly and succeeded in learning all of them. Then, he realized that it was his fault that he never paid attention to his studies. When M. Hamel taught him about the importance of his mother tongue (French) that it is the clearest and the most logical language of this world & they should guard it, he repents over his negligence towards his mother tongue. On seeing M. Hamel emotions and his patriotism towards the country and its language, he realized the importance of his mother tongue.


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