CHAPTER-2 THE ENEMY (Long Answer Type Questions)

THE ENEMY (Long Answer Type Questions)

Q1. How did Dr. Sadao rise above prejudice and save the life of P.O.W in the chapter “The Enemy”?

Dr. Sadao was a surgeon who was taught that a doctor’s prime duty is to save the life of a patient. When he saw the wounded American, he carried him to his home and kept on operating on him till he recovered from his illness. Though his servants & wife were against him for making the P.O.W stay at his home, yet he ignored all of them and saved the life of the man. He was stick to his education and ultimately succeeded too. His wife wanted the P.O.W to be thrown back into the sea but he ignored her and did whatever he was taught during his training. He knew that there was a world of difference between his and his servants thinking. So he decided to go with his conscience voice and helped the P.O.W to escape the ground of Japanese. He proved that his humanity is more important than any other thing in this world. Thus he rose above prejudice and saved the life of P.O.W.

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