CHAPTER-2 THE ENEMY (Short Answer Type Questions) with Summary of the Chapter, Class XII

Q10. How did Hana predict that all the prisoners were maltreated Japanese Army?

Hana was aware of the cruel nature of the General who beat his own wife after drinking. She knew if a man could beat his own wife, how he could spare such prisoners who were risk for their country.


Q11. “The General was in the palm of Dr. Sadao’s hands.” Do you agree?

Yes, we agree that the General was in the palm of Dr. Sadao because he was the only one who could save his life. Moreover, the General never trusted on German Surgeons because they would consider the operation successful if he died while being operated on.


Q12. What did the General assure Dr. Sadao to do?

The General assured Dr. Sadao to get the P.O.W killed. He assured him that he would send his murderers that night and get the man removed from his home. The General asked him to let his door opened that night.


Q13. What was the outcome of the General promise? Why did he forget to keep his promise?

The General had promised him that he would get the P.O.W killed but he couldn’t keep it because he remained ill most of the time. He forgot to keep his promise due to his illness.


 Q14. What arrangements were made for the safe arrival of P.O.W to another island?

There were many arrangements made for his safe arrival. Dr. Sadao arranged a boat, some water bottles, and few Japanese clothes. Besides he handed him a flash light and asked him to signal once if he reached safely and to signal twice if he ran out of food. He wanted to make sure that the P.O.W had safely reached there.


Q15. How did Dr. Sadao make sure that the man had safely reached there?

When Dr. Sadao had departed the man from his island, he had advised him to signal once for safely reaching there. He got a signal and made sure that the man had safely reached there.


Q16. What did Dr. Sadao remember while standing at the beach?

While standing at the beach, he remembered the behavior of the landlady in whose house he used to live. Though she was bit talkative and served him unhygienic food yet she was helpful as she had saved him during his suffering from influenza. Moreover, he recalled his experience with Americans who thought that they were superior to Japanese.


Q17. Why did all the servants come back? Do you think they were somewhere wrong in leaving his home?

All the servants came back because the P.O.W had left their master’s home. No, they were not at all wrong in their decision because they loved their country a lot. Their decision shows their patriotism towards their country.


Q18. Why were all the servants crying before leaving their master’s home?

All the servants were crying because they were very much attached to all of them. Yumi was attached to the babies whereas the gardener had been working there for a long time since Dr. sadao’s childhood. All of them had spent infinite time with Dr. Sadao and his family.



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