CHAPTER 3 – DEEP WATER (Long Answer Type Questions)

DEEP WATER (Long Answer Type Questions)


Q1. How did the instructor make Douglas a perfect swimmer?

Douglas was gripped in the hands of hydrophobia completely after two misadventures had happened to him. In order to get rid of his hydrophobia, he hired a personal instructor who attached a belt to his waist which was connected to a rope that rope went through a pulley straight into the hands of the instructor. If narrator started drowning, he would pull the rope up and if he was swimming perfectly, he would loosen the rope to make him swim. Repeating, the same procedure for a long time, he made Douglas a perfect swimmer who could swim anywhere without being helped by anybody. Yet, Douglas had residual doubts about his swimming whether he could swim alone in the pool or not. Just to make sure, he dived into the pool and swam to and fro without getting any help from the instructor. In this way, he made him a perfect swimmer bit by bit.


Deep Water
Deep Water


Q2. How did Hydrophobia spoil narrator’s life completely?

Douglas had two misadventures in his life which spoiled him completely. At first, he was hit by a strong wave at California beach and secondly he was tossed into the deepest end of the pool by a hale & hearty boy. Those two incidents shook him inside out and made him lame by his attitude. He felt the everlasting attacks of hydrophobia time to time which did not let him go out of his home. He could neither enjoy water activities with his friends nor put his feet into water. As a result, he had to stay at home through out the time. He got the nervous attacks which reminded him of his both the misadventures. His friends would make fun of him & he would have to bear all the embarrassment. In this way, hydrophobia not only spoiled his life but made him homesick and dependent.


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