CHAPTER-4 ON THE FACE OF IT (Long Answer Type Question)

On the face of it




ON THE FACE OF IT (Long Answer Type Question)

Q1. How did Mr. Lamb change Derry’s negative energy into optimism?

When Mr. Lamb observed that Derry was completely lost, he tried his level best to make him sit with him. He asked Derry about his liking and tried to clear all the doubts whatever he had in his mind. He told him that beauty lies in the eyes of a man not in his physical appearance. He made him hear a story which was about a man who wanted to escape his death. Hearing that story, he laughed a lot. By giving him many examples like weeds and plants, bees singing and many more, he changed his personality completely. In the end, Derry got ready to come to his home which shows that he was very much influenced with his personality.

He reached his home and found that he was no more. Having felt that he was no more, he started crying which shows his emotions were aroused by the positivism of Mr. Lamb. Now he was a complete personality who considered that the work done by an individual is more important than his physical appearance.


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