CHAPTER-6, MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD (Short Answer Type Questions)


MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD (Short Answer Type Questions)


Q1. Why was the narrator so much excited in going to new school?

The narrator was so much excited in going to new school because of a couple of reasons. She thought that she would get to make new friends in the school. Moreover, she was excited to visit the land of snow and apples.


Q2. What changed the narrator’s excitement into irritation?

When the narrator got to know that the girls had to wear clinging dresses & stiff shoes along with keeping shingled hair, her excitement of going to new school could not last for long.


Q3. Why was the pale face woman staring at the narrator in the dining hall? Do you think it was her fault?

The pale face woman was staring at the narrator because she had made a mistake of sitting at the first bell. No, it was not her fault because that was her first day in that school.


Q4. Who was Judewin? What did she hear the pale face woman speaking?

Judewin was a newly made friend of the narrator. She heard the pale face woman planning to get their long hair cut. Since then, the narrator decided that she would not get her hair cut and resist against them.


Q5. Why did the narrator not want to get her hair cut?

The narrator did not want to get her hair cut because her mother had once told her that short hair is kept by mourners whereas shingled hair is kept by the cowards. That’s why the narrator did not want to get her hair cut.


Q6. How did the narrator resist against getting her hair cut?

The narrator hid herself under the bed in one of the big rooms. But she was seen, dragged downwards and tied in a chair. She resisted by scratching, kicking but failed in getting her long braid gnawed off.


Q7. “I was one of the animals driven by a herder.” Why did the narrator deliver this statement?

The narrator delivered this statement when her one of the long braids was gnawed off. She thought that she had become as same as other girls of school. Moreover, they all were being run and managed by single pale face woman.


Q8. Why did Bama cover the distance of ten minutes in half an hour?

Bama took more time to reach her home than usual because she looked at each and every activity going in the market. She would stop everywhere to observe the activities such as; monkey tricks, cyclist cycling, political parties’ advertisement and much more.


Q9. What did Bama notice while coming back from school? What made her shriek with laughter?

Bama noticed while coming back from school that an elderly man of their community was carrying a packet of banana bhaji with its string. The way of carrying a packet like that made her shriek with laughter.


Q10. What changed Bama’s laughter into anger?

When Bama reached home, she told her brother the incident in comic way. Listening to her, Annan told her that was not a matter of laughter but shame for the people of their community. He told her that the man was actually not being allowed to touch the packet. Moreover if he had touched that packet, it would have been polluted. Having understood all that, her laughter changed into anger.


Q11. How did Annan narrate the incident of untouchability with him?

Annan told Bama that once while coming back from city’s library, he was stopped on the way by one of landlord’s man. At first he asked about his name followed by his address. According to Annan, they people were only interested in knowing about his caste in order to treat him accordingly.


Q12. What did Annan advise Bama to do? How did his words affect Bama?

Annan advised Bama to work hard in studies and succeed because according to him, that was the only way to throw away the indignities from their lives. Those words created a deep impression on Bama and she stood first in all the classes and made many new friends as per her will & desire.


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