CHAPTER-5, EVANS TRIES AN O-LEVEL (Short Answer Type Questions)

 EVANS TRIES AN O-LEVEL (Short Answer Type Questions)

Q1. Why was Evans called ‘Evans the Break’?

Evans was called ‘Evans the Break’ because he had escaped from the prison thrice. Seeing his ability to deceive the prison officers, everybody called him by that name.


Q2. What was the unusual request made by Evans to the Governor of Oxford Prison?

Evans made a request that he wanted to appear in O-Level German Examination. Having a long deliberation with the Secretary, he approved his wish for appearing in the exam.


Q3. What confusion did the Secretary of Board Examination have in his mind?

 The Secretary was confused about the behaviour of Evans. He called the Governor to make sure if he had serious charges against him. Governor told him that he was a pleasant sort of fellow who did not have any serious sections against him.


Q4. Why was Evans put behind the bars?

Evans was put behind the bars because he was a congenital kleptomaniac who was used to stealing. Though he did not have any serious charges against him yet he stayed behind the bars because of his habit.


Q5. Who were the two visitors that came to Evans’s cell in the morning? What did they want to do?

The two visitors that came to Evans’s cell were Jackson and Stephens. Jackson was a senior officer where Stephens was newly recruited to the profession. They wanted to take all the sharp objects out of Evans’s cell because he could blackmail or injure anyone during exam.


Q6. Why do you think Jackson did not take Evans’s hat off? Was it the turning point of the story?

When Jackson asked Evans to take his hat off, he requested Jackson that he should be allowed to put on that hat. Jackson knew that Evans was neither a dreaded criminal nor have any serious charges against him so he allowed him to keep wearing that. Yes, it was the turning point because he had hidden his identity under that hat of keeping cropped hair.


Q7. Who was Mc Leery? Where had he come from?

Mc Leery was the invigilator who had been appointed by the Governor to invigilate Evans throughout the exam. He had come from St. Mary Mags along with a briefcase in his hand.


Q8. What had Mc Leery brought in his briefcase? What was the unusual thing that was found in it?

Mc Leery had brought a briefcase which contained The Church, The Bible, a sealed envelope containing question paper and answer sheet, a paper cutter along with a semi inflated rubber ring. That semi inflated rubber ring puzzled Jackson. Mc Leery explained him the reason for bringing that he was a patient of Piles and could not sit at a particular position for a long time.


Q9. Why did Evans want Stephens to go out of the cell? Did the Governor accede to his request?

When, Evans saw that Stephens had kept his chair beside his bench in the cell. He made an excuse that it was difficult for him to concentrate on the exam. In reality, he knew that if Stephens stayed there, he could not execute his well laid plan. Yes, the Governor acceded to his request.


Q10. Why was the correction slip sent to Evans? What doubt did the Governor have about that call?

The correction slip’s motive was to convey further plan to Evans and to mislead the authority. It was actually sent by Evans’s friends. The Governor thought that it might be a fake call to divert his attention.


Q11. How did the Governor check that the call had genuinely come from the board?

The Governor checked the reality of the call by calling on the numbers of Secretary of Board Examination but he got the beep of being busy. He thought that the call was genuine which was a blunder done by him.


Q12. Explain the second call that the Governor received from the Magistrate?

The second call made to the Governor was about to provide a van along with few policemen in a serious remand case. The Governor seeing the gravity of the situation agreed to provide them all what they demanded.


Q13. Why did Evans want a blanket to be draped?

Evans’s cell was located in the farthest corner of Oxford prison. He made an excuse that his cell was the coldest so he needed a blanket to be draped. The Governor thought for a while and finally agreed to permit him.


Q14. Who called up Stephens five minutes before the exam is over? Why?

Stephens got a call from Evans’s friend on the name of Governor. That person ordered him to drop Mc Leery at the main gate after the completion of O-Level Exam.


Q15.  What did Stephens notice while peeping through the hole?

Stephens noticed that Mc Leery was lying on the ground. Moreover the man was bleeding as if somebody had hit him hardly on his head. He was wobbling on his knees and unable to balance himself.


Q16. Who was Carter? What did the Governor ask him to do?

Carter was a detective who was called to investigate about the escape of Evans. Governor asked him to follow Evans (as per instructed in correction slip) and to drop Mc Leery at any of the hospital where he could be given first aid.


Q17. Why did the Governor send one of his teams to Newbury?

The Governor sent one of his teams to Newbury on the instructions given in the correction slip. He thought that the best place to search for Evans was Newbury. He had taken that decision because of the correction slip left by Evans deliberately.


Q18. What did the Governor get to know on calling Radcliffe?

The Governor got to know that there was nobody by the name of Mc Leery admitted in that hospital. Now the Governor got an idea that Evans had escaped for the fourth time finally.


Q19. What did the Governor find on reaching Mc Leery’s home?

The Governor found that the real Mc Leery was tied and gagged in a chair. He told him that two fellows came to his home, beat him and tied in a chair. He had been tied there since 8 o’clock in the morning.


Q20. How did the Governor calculate Evans new location?

The Governor calculated Evans new location with the help of Index and Center Number that were 313 and 271. Moreover, he knew little bit of German. He had read the word ‘Golden’ corrected in the question paper which gave him a clue that he was staying at Golden Lion Hotel, Chipping Norton.


Q21. How did Evans expose his entire plan in front of the Governor?

Evans told him about the German teacher who had been coming for the last month, was his friend. Apart from that he told him about correction slip and the fake call which was not made by authorities but by his friends.


Q22. Where had Evans arranged blood from?

Evans had arranged blood with the help of Mc Leery (Evans friends) through a semi inflated rubber ring. His friend had made an excuse that he was suffering from piles and could not sit at a particular position for a long time.


Q23. How did Evans change his clothes in the cell?

Evans changed his clothes in the cell under the blanket. Actually, he had made an excuse of draping blanket due to extreme coldness in the cell. He succeeded in his plan and changed his clothes.


Q24. How did Evans escape in the end?

The Governor caught him and ordered the policemen to carry him to the prison in their van. He was handcuffed but later on released because the policemen sitting inside the van were his friends. That van and the policemen were the same which were called for the remand case.


Q25. Who was the driver of the van? Where did Evans ask the driver to go?

The driver of the van was fake Mc Leery who had come to invigilate him. He asked Evans in his broad Scottish accent where he wanted to go. Evans ordered him to turn his van to Newbury because he knew that the Governor and his team had already searched that place completely.

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