Article on Women Empowerment, Very Important for Class X, XI and XII

Women Empowerment : A Dream to Forsee   Women are the integral part of our country that is not only limited to bring up the children but also to contribute equally for the development of our country. They are such human bodies which are made of patience, tolerance, perseverance, strength and dedication towards their families.

Summary of ‘Julius Caesar’ for Class X

‘Julius Caesar’ is a exceptional creativity of William Shakespeare which highlights the achievements of Julius Caesar who has just returned back after defeating the sons of Pompey and how his murder’s conspiracy is hatched by the conspirators. Besides, it highlights the diplomacy and oratory of Antony which incites the mob against the people who conspired

Summary of ‘The Dear Departed’ For Class X

‘The Dear Departed is all about avarice between two sisters who consider their father as dead and start dividing his wealth without being known to the fact that their father is still alive. The chapter begins when Mrs. Slater finds her father in an unconscious state in his room. She considers him dead and plans

Summary of ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’

This poem, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ written by ‘S.T. Coleridge’ is all about an ancient mariner who stops one of the wedding guest that has come to attend a wedding. The mariner wants to tell him a story but the wedding guest seems to be more interested in attending the wedding than being

Summary of ‘Snake’ Written by D.H.Lawrence

The poem ‘Snake‘ is written by D.H.Lawrence which highlights the ever-changing and dual nature of the human beings who change themselves as per the situations and times. In the beginning of this poem, the poet shares his personal experience wherein he comes across a snake drinking water and satiating his thirst at his water trough.

Summary of ‘Not Marble Nor the Gilded Monuments

This poem is a sonnet written by Shakespeare in order to highlight such kings that used to make their statues erected in order to flaunt of their wealth, power and supremacy. Besides, he talks about the importance of his friend’s poetry which has an everlasting impact on the mind of readers as well as more

Summary of ‘Ozymandias’ Class X, Literature Reader

In ozymandias, written by P.B.Shelly, the poet, sarcastically, makes fun of those kings who got their statues erected in order to flaunt their powers, wealth and supremacy. But, with the passage of time, they not only lost their charm but also their statues which got overturned by the wasteful wars and the broils happened after

Summary of Virtually True, Chapter-6, Class X

Virtually True centers around narrator’s personal experience of playing psycho drive games and evacuating a boy who got stuck in the game after an accident. The chapter begins when the narrator (Michael) finds a woman reading a news ‘Miracle Recovery’ highlighting about a boy who has just come out of coma after staying in for

Summary of Patol Babu, Chapter-5, Class X, Literature Reader

Patol Babu is a very meticulous man who is fiftyish, bald headed and a middle-aged man. One day when he is about to leave his home when Mr. Nishikanto Ghosh (neighbour) reaches there and offers him a role of an absent minded pedestrian in a movie being produced by his brother-in-law namely Naresh Dutt. At first,

Summary of ‘Shady Plot’ chapter-4, Class X

The chapter ‘Shady Plot’ revolves around the super natural powers present around us. John Hallock, who is an accountant by profession, writes some ghost stories on the instructions of Jenkins. He has written some well deserved stories in recent past and even been acclaimed for his writings by the readers and Jenkins. Jenkins helps him